Friday, December 4, 2009

Fixing Climate Science II

The call for more transparency in science has reached all the way up to Congress. In the video above we see Congressman Sensenbrenner asking White House science czar John Holdren that the public have access to all documents prepared with government funding, including documents given to the IPCC. It's not clear to me if by "documents" the Congressman also means data and computer code.

Mr. Holdren's response is that the public should have access to the "results" of research that they pay for, excluding classified information and information that is incomplete. By phrasing his response this way, it's not clear to me if he believes raw data should be made available, or if only the so-called "value-added" data that was released by CRU should be made available. If only the "value-added" data is made available, 3rd parties cannot reproduce the steps needed to verify all of the various assumptions and "fixes" scientists make to the data.

What's really amazing though is we've been having the Global Warming debate since 1988 and Mr. Holdren had to say the public "should have access", he couldn't say "does have access".

To see the videos in their full context, follow the links below.

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