Sunday, March 7, 2010

Aqua Satellite Project, Update 2 Released

Update 2 for the Aqua Satellite Project is ready. You can download it here. It includes a new AMSUSummary program for summarizing temperature data into the usual daily and monthly values. AMSUSummary provides average, minimum, and maximum values by day and month.

Like last weekend, the all night coding sessions have left me exhausted, so the change log will have to do for now as  a description of the new features.

=== UPDATE 2 March, 7, 2010
The following improvements were made for Update 2:

*) Added AMSUSummary program for summarizing extract data in csv format. Summaries include  daily and monthly averages, minimums, and maximums. Includes command line help text.

*) Bash shell script for running AMSUSummary has been added. It's name is amsu_summary and it's located in the Scripts folder. See the comments inside the script for details on using it.

*) Added Limb Effect Check to AMSUQA. This check is turned on using the -l switch. The limb effect check examines channels 4, 5, and 6 to ensure their readings are within expected limb variations as defined in "The Limb Adjustment of AMSU-A Observations: Methodology and Validation" Goldberg, et al. 2001. Footprints 1 through 12 and 19 through 30 are checked.  Footprints 13 through 18 are not checked due to their small limb effect values, which  allows for even small fluctuations to cause a failure.

The -l switch has an optional tolerance parameter which defaults to 0.5. This parameter specifies how much above or below the values of Goldberg, et al. 2001 a reading can be. A value of 0.5 provides a margin of +/- 50%. A value of 1.0 provides a margin of +/- 100%.

*) Changed AMSUQA -f switch to -i. Added -p switch to specify output file name prefix. amsu_qa script changed to use new switches.

*) Changed AMSUExtract -f switch to -i and -F flag to -f. amsu_extract script changed to use new flags.

*) Added -q switch to AMSUExtract to indicate only data that passes QA should be extracted. The -q switch includes a check for limb effect at 0.5 tolerance. Only data QA values are  checked. File-wide QA values are ignored, allowing data to be extracted from files that have not passed QA.

*) Modified amsu_qa Bash shell script. Output is now placed in the directory from which the script is run, to bring it in line within how amsu_extract and amsu_summary work. See the comments inside the script for details on using it.

*) Bash shell script for removing HDF text files has been added. It's name is rm_hdf_text and it's located in the Scripts folder.  See the comments inside the script for details on using it.

*) Added Doxygen files for the source code. This is in the Doc/Doxygen/html folder.

*) Added Aqua Satellite PDF book. This is in the Doc folder.

*) Added HTML pages describing the commands and scripts.This is n the Doc/HTML folder.

*) Added zip file for sample AMSU data for October 1st, 2009. This is in the Sample Data folder.

*) Added CodeBlocks projects for cross-platform build support. These are in the CodeBlocks folder.


  1. Off Topic,

    MJ, Loved your comment at the BB regarding insulting people for weeks without even knowing their opinion.

    I take it you have also been watching the unfolding of the slow trainwreck with amusement?


  2. I think that if a stock broker were using the kind of massaged data and making the kinds claims that NOAA is, they'd be thrown in jail for fraud.

    The believers are, well, believers. It takes time and repetition for such concepts to sink in.