Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Note On NASA's Lack Of Limb Adjustment

I talked about limb adjustment in this post. In part of NASA's reply to my questions about their data, they noted they don't do limb adjustments to the data. Specifically, they said:
The AIRS retrieval code (statistics engine) does not incorporate a limb adjustment as you have described above. Where reliable sensor data is available, it is applied directly to the appropriate portion of the atmosphere, taking into account the angle of the observation.
So unlike NOAA who adjusts the readings to have them all at the same altitude, NASA uses the different readings at different footprints for exactly what they are: measurements at different levels of the atmosphere.

This means that I have to make sure the footprints I'm using are the footprints used by UAH. It may turn out that footprint 15 of the channel 5 data, which I used in this previous post, is not used by UAH. I may need to look further out to get the data UAH uses. So when I finally get to part two of the UAH anomaly post, I'll make sure Im using the correct footprints.

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