Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aqua Satellite Project, Update 10 Released.

Update 10 for the Aqua Satellite Project is ready. You can download it here. This update is part 2 of a 2 part release that adds global griding of the data.

This release adds the ISCCPSummarize program that summarizes ISCCP grid-style data generated by AMSUToGrid and the ISCCPNormalize program that normalizes output files from ISCCPSummarize on a scale of 0.0 to 1.0.

This release also fixed a bug in the AMSUToGrid class DegreeGrid that was passing grid edge rather than grid center to weights, replaced custom code in DegreeGrid to calculate grid locations with code that uses official ISCCP values, and added mask images and generated grid data to MapToGrid folder. Masks are in the Masks subfolder, generated grid data is in the Generated Grid Data subfolder. There are Masks and generated data for Africa, Antarctica, Arctic Ocean, Asia, Atlantic Ocean, Australia, Europe, Indian Ocean, Land and Water, North America, Pacific Ocean, South America, Southern Ocean, and US Lower 48 States. Generated data is in text, XML, JavaScript, and C code formats.

Regional Data
In addition to summarizing data for the entire globe, the ISCCPSummarize program provides summaries for the following regions:






North America

South America

Arctic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Indian Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Southern Ocean

...and the following UAH-like regions:

● Global Land
● Global Ocean
● Northern Hemisphere
● Northern Hemisphere Land
● Northern Hemisphere Ocean
● Southern Hemisphere
● Southern Hemisphere Land
● Southern Hemisphere Ocean
● Northern Extra Tropics
● Northern Extra Tropics Land
● Northern Extra Tropics Ocean
● Southern Extra Tropics
● Southern Extra Tropics Land
● Southern Extra Tropics Ocean
● North Pole
● North Pole Land
● North Pole Ocean
● South Pole
● South Pole Land
● South Pole Ocean
● U.S.A. Lower 48 States

These UAH regions use the same latitude boundaries as genuine UAH regions do. My thanks to Dr. Christy of UAH for providing me with the UAH region boundary information.

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  1. In your "Aqua Satellite" PDF, two items.
    1. team member bios apparently verbatim from NASA site. Credit appropriately?
    2. Graphic on UAH monthly temperature. 0.5C error bar is probably individual measurement. Monthly temperature composed of many of these measurements and multiplies error bar by factor of roughly 1/sqrt(number of measurements). See Standard Deviation of the Mean.