Friday, December 10, 2010

Winding Down

Just a short post to announce I'll be wrapping up this blog in the near future. This is mostly due to the complete collapse of the environmental movement's credibility. While the movement still exists and there are still battles to be fought, there are plenty of people capable of doing it without my help. This allows me to turn my attention to matters in my personal world.

I hope to get the Climate Scientist version 2.0 out and check NASA numbers from the FOIA stuff, and wrap up any other loose ends that come to mind. But these updates will come only as time permits and once they're done, so too will this blog be done.

NASA Responds To FOIA Request

NASA has responded to my FOIA Request. To recap, I requested two items from NASA: 1) the height in the atmosphere scanned by each footprint for each scan of the Aqua satellite, and 2) the Ai and Theta Bar i used by NASA to calculate the synthetic values for Aqua's channel 4.

Their response was that there are no records for the height of the footprint scans on the Aqua satellite and that the values for Ai and Theta Bar i are as follows:

A(i) = 0.38648412E-1, -0.13865858, 0.60949275, 0., 2.0037199, -0.95993573, 0., 0.28063577, -0.9307997E-1, 0.37032401E-1, -0.15795620E-2, -0.49943969E-2, -0.11815043E-1, 0.70557197E-1, -0.33432437E-1

thetabar(i) = A_mean(i) * amsu_noise_tr(i) where:

A_mean(i) = 1200.2806, 901.08093, 949.21509, 0., 1242.5841, 1382.2343, 0., 1359.1735, 1323.4860, 975.67328, 920.14246, 654.80048, 499.30478, 313.854318, 1955.0244

amsu_noise_tr(i) = 0.17, 0.22, 0.25, 0.14, 0.20, 0.17, 0.14, 0.16, 0.16, 0.22, 0.24, 0.35, 0.48, 0.80, 0.12

Notice that each of these collections of numbers contains 15 numbers. These correspond to the 15 channels on the Aqua satellite.

I still need to check that the above values, when used in NASA's formula for creating synthetic channel 4 data, actually produce the published values for that channel.

I'm out of ideas on how to obtain the height in the atmosphere each footprint scans.

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