Sunday, April 18, 2010

Aqua Satellite Project, Update 8 Released. Now With More She-Hulk!

Update 8 for the Aqua Satellite Project is ready. You can download it here. This update is part 2 of a 2 part release that adds some spit and polish to the graphics, charting, and platform-independant font engines. Highlights for this release include:

● Added event handling to all shapes classes. These classes can now respond to mouse, keyboard, touch, and command events.
● Added anti-aliasing capabilities to shapes and FontManager. Anti-aliasing is turned on by default. It can be turned off by setting a flag in the various graphics and text calls.
● Added font scaling capabilities to the FontManager. The built-in fonts can now be used at any desired font size.
● Added histogram, bi-linear interpolation, equalize, threshold, grayscale, edge detection, translation, rotation, scaling, and erosion filters for use with bitmaps. These filters are located in the new Filters.h and Filters.cpp files in the Graphics folder.
● Made significant enhancements to the DrawingContext2D and Color classes.
● Fixed several bugs in the Chart class.

The code has been placed in the public domain.

Edge Detection







Scaled, Anti-Aliased, Platform-Independant Text


Bi-Linear Interpolation

Original Text Image (For Comparison)


Area Chart

Bar Chart

Line Chart

Pie Chart

Point Chart

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