Tuesday, April 6, 2010

FOIA Request Filed With NASA

About three weeks ago, as I noted in this post, I sent off a request to NASA JPL for information needed to reproduce their synthetic creation of AMSU channel 4 data and for the atmospheric scan depths of each footprint for channel 5 on the AMSU.

I've not received a response back, and 3 weeks is one week longer than my usual waiting period of two weeks. So today I filed a FOIA with NASA JPL for the information. A copy of the request is shown below.

Dear Mr. Mahon,

This is my first FOIA request, so allow me to apologize in advance for any procedural mistakes I may make.

About three weeks ago (on or about March, 13th, 2010) I requested several pieces of information from NASA JPL via the "Ask AIRS" web interface and have received no response. So I am now requesting that information via the FOIA. The requested information is:

● Documentation on how the AQUA AMSU-A Radiative Transfer Algorithm works.

● Atmospheric scan depth for each footprint on channel 5 of the AQUA AMSU.

● In references to the creation of synthetic readings for the AQUA AMSU channel 4, the 230000 cases used to create the values for the vectors Ai and Theta Bar i, or the values of vectors Ai and Theta Bar i themselves if the 230000 readings are no longer available. These values and readings are referenced but not actually provided in the document AIRS/AMSU/HSB Version 5 Modification of Algorithm to Account for Increased NeDT in AMSU Channel 4 available online at

Thank you for your time.


Just in case you're wondering where my normal two-week waiting period came from, two weeks is the amount of time it took Stephen Hawking to respond to a question I had regarding black holes and quantum physics. Given Dr. Hawking's well-known medical issues, this should be a reasonable time frame for any reply from anyone else.

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