Monday, March 15, 2010

Request Sent To NASA For Unpublished Data And Algorithms Related To Creation Of Synthetic Channel 4 Data

As discussed in a previous post, NASA now synthesizes channel 4 data of the Aqua AMSU. Going through the steps needed to recreate this synthesis, I noticed several sets of required data are not available to the public. So I've sent off a request for this data as well as the associated (and undocumented, as far as I can tell) AMSU-A Radiative Transfer Algorithm. I've also requested information regarding the depth of the atmosphere each footprint on channel 5 scans so that I can get back to work on recreating the UAH temperatures.

The request was sent a few days ago. Hopefully they'll respond. They've already sent one piece of missing data, the at-launch noise for each channel (that's the NEDTi in the formula at the top of this post). So my thanks to NASA JPL for that.

The requested data is:

● The 230000 cases used to create the values for the vectors Ai and Theta Bar i, or the values of vectors Ai and Theta Bar i themselves if the 230000 readings are no longer available.
● Documentation on how the AMSU-A Radiative Transfer Algorithm actually works.
● Atmospheric scan depth for each footprint on channel 5.

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