Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Skeptic Blocked From Wikipedia - Me

Continuing Wikipedia's trend of blocking skeptics from the ClimateGate debate, another skeptic has been banned from Wikipedia. This time it's me.

I have a total of 1 edit to Wikipedia. Yes, just 1. And it's not even to an actual article.

On the ClimateGate deletion discussion page I said that William Connolley should not be allowed to vote on the ClimateGate issue, as he's personally involved in it. I provided two links to ClimateGate emails involving him.

And now I'm indefinitely blocked.

Screenshot showing I've been blocked.

Screen shot showing every edit I've ever made to Wikipedia. It's from the deletion discussion page. (Minus links to emails that someone edited out.)

I've sent off an email to the admin who blocked me, Rlevse, asking why he blocked me.

Late Edit:

Screen shot showing my Wikipedia editing history.

ClimateGate Deletion Discussion Page
William Connolley email #1
William Connolley email #2
Wikipedia Blocks All Skeptics From Editing ClimateGate Page

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  1. Ask about Lance Armstrong, The site stinks it only allows ideas and thoughts that it agrees with. Disgraced Armstrong appears to have a bed buddy in Wikashita or what ewvber they call it. It stinks. John