Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm Unblocked From Wiki!

Update: I forgot to mention I had to double dutch promise not to post anymore links to ClimateGate emails.

Wiki has unblocked me. I want to thank editor Rlevse for taking the time to do this.

There was a mia culpa on my part. It turns out I actually posted twice to the discussion page, once as an unregistered user, and once as Magicjava. The first one got deleted and when I checked a few hours latter and didn't see it, I just assumed an unregistered user couldn't post to a deletion discussion page. So I registered as Magicjava and posted it again. My apologies for the mix up.

But the important thing is now I'm free to spread all the lies and propaganda that ExxonMobile is paying me for.


Just kidding. ;)


  1. I would invite all readers to help improving the climategate article on wikipedia, which has been hijacked by alarmists that have a troop of sleepless zealots that work in conjunction with the aim to keep the page as useless as possible. Please bear in mind the use of reliable sources and read and add your views in the discussion page before changing the main article. We need more people to counter W. Connolley and his troop of alarmists:
    talk page:

  2. By the way, well done for your work there. I am the echofloripa there, trying to keep some sense in the middle of their madness! ;)