Thursday, December 31, 2009

Climate Scientist Starter Kit

I've just put together a Climate Scientist Starter Kit. The kit contains a spreadsheet in Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel formats. The spreadsheet has data on:

* Monthly Global Mean, TDYN, ENSO, and Volcano temperatures from January, 1900 till March 2009.
* Monthly UAH satellite temperature data from December, 1978 till November 2009.
* Daily and monthly Cosmic Ray data from January, 1951 till November, 2006.
* Monthly low level cloud data from July, 1983 through June, 2008.
* Ice Core CO2 data and monthly CO2 data for the years 1958 through 2008.

It nice because you have all the data in an easy to use spreadsheet, rather than having to parse up various data formats.

There's also supporting data, including raw cloud data, daily cloud data, C++ code for parsing raw cloud data files, and HTML documents that provide additional information.

You can download the zip file here. NOTE: The comment on the download page will say it's the FreePOOMA Add-On Pack. Don't worry, that's just the name of the project that contains the zip file.

Feedback for improvements for future versions of the kit is welcome.

The Climate Scientist Starter Kit

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