Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wikipedia Now Trying To Delete ClimateGate Article

It looks like the believers lost the battle to control the ClimateGate page that I talked about in this post, because now wikipedia is trying to delete the ClimateGate page altogether. Deleting a page in wikipedia means the entire page and all it's history is forever gone. The public can never view it and will never even know it existed. The plan seems to be to move the article to Climatic Research Unit e-mail_hacking incident.

Only wikipedia editors can vote on whether or not to delete an article, so if you're an editor please HURRY over to the ClimateGate article and make sure it doesn't get deleted.

Thanks. :)

Screen shot of wikipedia's attempt to delete the ClimateGate article.

Wikipedia ClimateGate Article
Climatic Research Unit e-mail_hacking incident article
ClimateGate deletion discussion page
Wikipedia deletion policy page


  1. The following is probably one of the few "true" statements one can find on Wikipedia:


    It's right at the top of:

  2. Who cares.
    has all the e-mails.
    The more wikipedia censors itself the more it will lose influence. It will be a painful wakeup call for many.

  3. Well, ClimateGate is gone. And dirkh, for better or worse, people will continue using Wikipedia after this incident.

  4. I use Wikipedia less and less as their bias becomes more apparent.

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