Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wikipedia Blocks All Skeptics From Editing ClimateGate Page

After removing all the skeptic's comments, they've locked the page down, leaving only the believer's comments.

You may have heard from Watts Up With That that a single editor had been responsible for all articles in Wikipedia related to global warming and had been editing out skeptic's views. U.K. scientist, Green Party activist, and team member William Connolley created or rewrote 5,428 Wikipedia articles. His handiwork included getting rid of the Little Ice Age and Medieval Warm period and slandering scientists he didn't agree with. Connolley had his wikipedia administrator duties taken away from him in September. But that hasn't stopped him, as he's edited more than 800 articles in December alone.

But it seems there's more to the story.

According to wikipedia editor "A Quest For Knowledge", wikipedia has blocked all known skeptics from editing their ClimateGate page. Reading the ClimateGate page you can see it's little more than propaganda copied and pasted from the Huffington Post and RealClimate.

The skeptics had to be banned for trying to maximize the damage that ClimateGate would cause, says the editor. He goes on to say a group of believers are doing the reverse, trying to minimize the damage. But for whatever reason, the believers haven't been banned by wikipedia. This despite the fact that the believers are no more neutral than the skeptics were, according to the editor.

Please contact the wikipedia editors and help get the ClimateGate page up to wikipedia's neutrality standards. See below for links.

Screen grab of administrator's entry saying all skeptics were blocked from ClimateGate page.

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  1. Even FOX misleads its viewers on Climate Change when they show multiple smokestacks billowing out steam and try to leave the impression it is all carbon dioxide (plant food) laden smoke. Of course, moisture is the biggest greenhouse gas of all, with clouds, rain and snow trapping heat on the earth left by the sun when it is present, a kind of end-of-the-world scenario that sure beats plant food rising above lighter air to trap heat.

  2. I personally can't believe how much deceit is being uncovered as a result of these e-mails being made public. It's breath-taking.